Our aims are to:

1. Ensure that all childhood cancer survivors get the clinical care they need (e.g. surveillance for health risks) to maintain their mental and physical health wherever they live in British Columbia.

2.  Improve awareness of and education about late effects (chronic health problems affecting childhood cancer survivors) in the community and amongst health care professionals.

3. Empower childhood cancer survivors to prevent late effects or stop them from becoming more severe (e.g. maintaining a healthy life style using diet, regular exercise and avoiding smoking).

4. Provide ongoing support to create the necessary resources so that childhood cancer survivors and their families have the best quality of life possible (e.g. through the provision of assisted housing, vocational and recreational rehab).

5.  Encourage and support research into the treatment, prevention and causes of late effects.


In British Columbia we do not yet have a comprehensive long-term follow-up program to address the many physical and psychological needs of childhood cancer survivors.  Some adult childhood cancer survivors were discharged from care many years ago and have never been given information about their long-term health risks and necessary screening.  We are advocating for change.


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