Provincial Achievement


Sean is a brain tumor survivor.

“Art is a way to have fun and create ideas using different materials and paints to express yourself in colorful ways. It can change the mood you are in and the make the world a better place for yourself.”



Houses by Sean

One of Sean’s many paintings, “Houses”



Jared is a brain tumor survivor and was featured in the film “Wrong Way to Hope“. He writes poetry.


Ten Long and Short Years

June 28, 2010

July 5th, 2000

Last radiation treatment at the cancer agency.

A lifetime ago,

or just a few days,

maybe both.


Change in life is inevitable

and is happening constantly.

Yet change from a cancer diagnosis

and subsequent treatment

is an entirely different beast.

It has not only changed who I was,

but who I thought I was.

Caused me to question my existence,

my purpose, my very core self.


I will be dealing with the effects of treatment

for the rest of my life.

Discovering new changes

and new beliefs.


I wouldn’t wish this disease

on my worst enemy,

yet, I also wouldn’t trade the experience

for anything in this world.


Because of my cancer experience,

I have developed a relationship with God,

which shows He can use anything

to draw people to Him.

I have met my best friend,

through volunteering at the hospital.

I have met a number of amazing people

who continue to inspire me,

a bond not even broken by death.

I have gained wisdom from my trials

that most people will never know.


In the past ten years

I have grown more

than I could possibly have imagined.

So I can dream for what is to come

but remember to try and enjoy

the here and now.

With the support I have around me,

any tomorrow will be a good one.