I was diagnosed with A.L.L Leukemia in June of 1980 at the age of 13.  Toronto’s Sick Children’s Hospital was where I was diagnosed and received my treatment at the Hematology Clinic and underwent my radiation treatments at Princess Margaret Hospital in Toronto.  The radiation that I received at the time is believed to have done more damage than good as mostly all of the recipients during this time have developed brain cancer or similar complications and are no longer here.  I began a year ago reviewing my entire case in 1980 and discovered that it was not known that I survived this long.  Further inquiries led me to discover that there are very few survivors from 1980 still alive and as healthy as I am.  Then with extensive examination from a doctor at Vancouver’s Cancer Hospital, that is leading the long term follow up study, it was discovered that I had a small growth on my thyroid.  Something they expected to find as a result of my previous radiation at age 13 some thirty years later.  Within months of its discovery it was removed with the entire thyroid and all cancer found in the thyroid and surrounding was removed and destroyed by the new form of radiation and once again I have a 100% clean bill of health.  And here I am to tell you how happy I am people like you are around.

– DM.


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