When I was 4½ I told my mom tons of times that I had a headache and my neck hurt, she took me to the doctor and he just dismissed it, said it was growing pains and that I would grow out of it.  Finally my mom told him to send us to a doctor, a neurologist at BC Children’s Hospital.  After hearing my complaints he sent me for a CT scan (coz back then they didn’t have an MRI).  Then he took my mom into the X-ray room and showed her the pic of my head. She said it looked like a grapefruit in my head.  After the surgery in which they shaved my entire head and put this bandage on that I don’t think was a bandage at all, it was more like industrial tape, and by the time it could come off my hair was already growing back so you can imagine the pain.  When I got home I was like a brand new baby.  I had to learn how to walk, talk, and feed myself, everything.  I got an aid in school and some one-on-one physiotherapy when the other kids had gym, but my mom had to fight for me to get any kind of help.

– HM.